Plyometrics for Developing Specific Golf Power:

The evolution of athletic performance enhancement by today's world class athletes is truly remarkable. New and innovative training techniques have led these men and women to run faster, jump higher, and hit baseballs and golf balls astonishing distances. Plyometrics is one of the training methods that has produced significant improvement in today's athlete's performance.

Plyometrics is defined as exercises that are aimed at linking strenght and speed of a particular movement to produce power. These exercises enable a muscle to achieve maximum strength at a quicker level than other training techniques. Based on Latin origins, plyo means 'to increase' and metro means 'measurable'. Literally plyometrics means 'measurable increase'.

Plyometric exercises therefore combine the physical qualities of speed and strength to produce an athlete capable of performing at a higher rate of performance in relationship to their sport.

The latest research on plyometrics or the stretch-shortening cycle of muscle tissue, has shown that the faster a muscle is stretched or lengthened (eccentrically), the greater the concentric (shortening) force after the stretch. 

The result is a greater forceful movement has been created fo rovercoming the inertia of an object, whether it is the athlete's own body weight or an external object the athlete is attempting to throw or hit - specifically - hitting a golf ball.

A perfect example of this stretch-shortening cycle would be similar to when you draw back the bow string of an archery bow to its fullest extent and then let go. The more the bow string is pulled back, the greater the distance the arrow will travel when the bow string is released.

Unlike traditional weight training programs, plyometric exercises can closely simulate both the movements and the speed of execution of the actual sport.

I have developed a physio and medicine ball program and invented a device called the Hip Power Blaster that uses the principles of Plyometrics. The results have been amazing. My clients have increased their clubhead speed by 10% at least. One  of my 15 year old junior golfers has increased her clubhead speed from 81 mph to 103 mph. In fact she won the over-all San Diego junior girls long drive championship, in which she averaged 259 yards per drive. On the other side of the spectrum, one of my tour pros increased his clubhead speed from 123 mph to 131 mph and his ball speed from 183 mph to 194 mph.

Plyometric training exercises are very specific in relationship to each sport activity but very broad in applicability. Specificity is a key concept when developing a plyometric training program. These particular plyometric exercises must closely simulate the actual skills of the sport of the participating athlete.

Plyometric training exercises combined with a complex training program, which is when lighter weights are lighted while doing highly accelerated movements in both upper and lower extremities will produce rapid increases in strength.

My plyometric exercise program in conjunction with my complete training program, will maximize the potential of any amateur or professional golfer.

I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to demonstrate my training methods.