- Bryan Gorman (Former PGA Tour and Head Teaching Professional)

  • "Skip Redford is one of the most knowledgeable sport fitness trainers when it comes to understanding how a total fitness program relates to the golf swing. I spent many days in the PGA Fitness Trailer getting quick fixes to no avail. Skip's training methods provided me with a total golf conditioning program that helped my golf performance and prevented injuries. His training program will help golfers of all levels and ages improve their performance and achieve a golf swing fit for life."

- Tom Wischmeyer (PGA Tour Professional)

  • "15 years ago, I decided to devote full time energy to teaching the game of golf. As a PGA instructor, I am always looking for the best information to relay to my students. As a player, I am always seeking the competitive edge. When I met Skip Redford, I knew I had found someone who could help me with both goals. I realized long ago that a complete golfer, whether he be a strong amateur player or a PGA Tour Pro, he neeeded to attain a high level of proficiency in four areas: the mechanics of the golf swing, a strong mental attitude, properly fit golf equipment and the physical ability to perform.

Until I met Skip, I never had the clear understanding of how physical exercise directly related to the golf swing. When I began to train with him, he showed me how to take some common exercises and make them golf specific. He also taught me some revolutionary methods of training that he had developed himself. Only a person with Skips advanced understand of the golf swing could have created such a great training program.

With Skip's unique golf training program, I have increased my strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance, which has increased my driving distance and is a benefit to my overall golf game. He also showed me ways to improve a chronically bad back. At 52 years of age, I am looking forward to many years of improved, pain-free golf.

- Brandon Hortt

  • "I have been working with Skip for over three years now and my golf game has developed tremendously with his help. His title is 'Golf Fitness Trainer', however Skip goes way beyond just providing his clients with a great golf fitness and mental program. He serves as my mental coach and he is a tour-caliber golf caddy. He constantly emphasizes the mental side of golf, which has helped my game escalate to the next level.

Skip blends his Masters Degree, martial arts training (5th degree black belt), golf and caddying background, making him a supremely well rounded coach.

Most importantly, Skip cares about his clients. When we show him that we are trusting in his program, he will go out of his way to help us succeed. For instance, the other day he drove over 45 minutes after he worked with other clients to help me with a practice round to qualify for the 2011 86th U.S. Amateur Public Link Championship.

With the help of Skip Redford and training with his program, I have earned a scholarship on the 2011 National Championship CSU Monterey Bay golf team. Anyone who works with Skip and trusts in him can go a long way. For any golfer, especially high school players looking to get to the next level. Don't mess around with strength coaches that don't know the difference between the fairway and the green. Skip's the coach for you."

- Nabeelaa Mohideen (14 year old junior golfer)

  • "Since training with Skip, I have increased my swing speed from 81 to 98 mph. His training methods helped me win the over-all San Diego junior girls long drive championship, in which i averaged 259 yards per drive. 

- Travis Kent (Professional Golfer: Nationwide Tour and Gateway Tour)

  • "Skips knowledge of how a fitness program relates to the golf swing is second to none. Since training with Skip, I've increased my swing speed from 123 to 131 mph and my ball speed from 183 to 194 mph."

- Harry Rudolph III (Hall of Fame Golfer, University of Arizona)

  • "Skip Redford has been a tremendous help in improving my golf game. Although most professional players are aware that fitness training can be very beneficial to their game, Skip takes his training sessions one step further by fine tuning aspects of the workout to address the mechanics of the golf swing. Additionally, by knowing the details of what i'm working on with my swing, he is able to design exercises to target critical areas. Often times i leave a workout session feeling like I have not only gotten stronger but I have also improved my swing fundamentals.

Above all, Skip has a genuine passion for creating the most effective golf specific training program possible. He keeps up on the latest golf and fitness research, constantly looking for new techniques to incorporate. By seeing the amount of thought and effort he puts into every feature of his training methods, it is easy to see that he truly cares about seeing his players improve. I am very thankful to have for the past three years, the benefit of Skip's knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment as I work to become a better player." 

- Arno and Darlene Tuulik

  • "My son, Christopher, has been playing competitive golf for 12 years and has done well for himself. However, we knew the missing link in his game was a solid physical and mental training program. We talked and met with several trainers of the course of a year looking for someone who was golf specific. No one we interviewed could compete with the credentials Skip Redford offered, so we decided to give him a try...and we are so glad we did!

Skip is a very dedicated trainer and mental coach who is passionate about what he does and cares about his clients. His expertise and persistence in these capacities have been invaluable to both Christopher's mental and physical game. We have seen him go from a good golfer, who just last year qualified for the U.S. Amateur on his 17th birthday at the Mission Viejo Country Club. This course is a true test for anyone physically, as it is known as the "Mission Impossible Mountain Goat Course" Because of Christopher's training with Skip, he had the physical and mental stamina needed to successfully compete in the 36 hole, 12 hour competition with scores of 71 and 70.

Skip has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset, and he instills confidence and encouragement, allowing our son to work harder and apply himself more diligently. 

Having a successful golf career himself, Skip is knowledgeable of the trials, tribulations and glory of golf competition. Having the priceless experience of 'walking the walk' contributes to his talent of being an impressive, effective mental coach for juniors golfers and pros alike. If you have a junior golfer who aspires to play golf in college, I can recommend SKip highly - without reservation - to prepare your junior for the physical and mental endurance required at the collegiate level. And do know that Skip puts extra time and effort into assuring you receive maximum benefits. He is truly a trustworthy gentleman who has become a friend we are proud to know."

- Josh Sullivan (2009 Adidas Golf Wear in the World adventurer)

  • "Skip Redford's functional training techniques have done wonders for my golf game. I have increased flexibility and strength, leading to longer shots with less effort. I could not have competed as effective on the Wear in the World adventure had it not been for my time with Skip. Thanks Skip for all your help!"

- Chris Smeal (PGA Class A Teaching Professional, Director of Junior Golf Instruction at Stadium Golf Center, Future Champions Jr. Golf Academy Tour Director, 2004 SDPGA Apprentice of the Year, Top 50 Kids Instructors USA 2004)

  • "As a golf instructor, I am always in search of finding new ways to help my students improve their golf game and reach their desired goals. Most golfers are in need of an improved body and mind to play better golf. Skip has developed a program that serves both of these desired needs. He combines his expert knowledge of the kinetics and mechanics of the golf swing with his tremendous fitness background to have, what i say is the best specific fitness program I have ever seen. You will not find a trainer who is as passionate about his student's improving their body and mind than Skip Redford."

- Margaret Whelan (Anatomy and Bio-mechanics Instructor, San Diego Golf Academy)

  • "Skip Redford has been a guest lecturer for the San Diego Golf Academy for the past two years. An enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable fitness and mental golf coach, his focus is on functional golf fitness. His 'NO EXCUSE WORKOUT PROGRAM FOR GOLFERS' defines better ways to do simple workouts by utilizing several muscle groups while performing one exercise.

Using straightforward teaching strategies, Skip arouses the student's interest easily by demonstrating purposeful techniques for improving their workouts and their golf game. An energetic and dynamic instructor, he inspires students by incorporating several examples of both correct and incorrect movements throughout all bio-mechanical elements of the golf swing. Predominantly, Skip highlights the importance of core strength, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques; emphasizing how essential these elements are when performing a functional and successful golf swing.

Skip's knowledge and expertise make him a credible and effective instructor. He is a sincere, quick-witted, and tireless golf fitness coach. For the past two years our students have consistently been excited by and responsive to his great presentations. He strives for excellence in his training and his passion for fitness is inspiring, leaving the students eager to improve their fitness and golf game."


"My daughter and I purchased two Golf Hip Power Blasters and Skip's Complete Golf Fitness and Mental Training Manual. In 3 weeks training with this fantastic device, I have increased my ball speed from 153 mph to 167 mph. Skips golf fitness workout program is very comprehensive in it's relationship to understanding how a functional golf fitness training program relates to the golf swing. I have tried other programs but Skip's program is hands down the best one that I have used."

- Dan A. 

I found Skip in GOLF Magazine. An article was written on him being one of the best golf fitness trainers in the United States. Luckily, I live in San Diego, where Skip has a state-of-the-art training facility for golfers!

When I finally went to see him, Skip's training techniques were very specific, easily understandable and I could relate his training techniques to my golf swing. We worked twice a week fro several months and I had regular homework assignments, which I completed. Skip's program consisted of functional strength training, flexibility and range of motion exercises all relating to the golf swing. For so long, golf instructors have told me to make certain moves and for the first time, Skip got my body able to make the right moves to perform a solid golf swing.

After several months, my handicap went from a 16 to a 10, my driving distance from a lowly 220 yards (on a good day) to a consistent 250+ yard drive. I have more control and get more distance out of irons and I am much more accurate. I enjoy the game a lot more, and have become a true believer. If your body cannot perform the correct golf techniques and movements, one can never been a good golfer. Skip is the best!"


- Larry (58 year old golfer)

"Skip has been my two daughters' golf fitness and mental performance coach for over 3 years. He is an individual who takes pride and care in what he teaches. He thoroughly understand how a total golf fitness program relates to the golf swing, and his deep appreciation of both the mental and physical aspects of the game will make you a better all around golfer and individual. He is always furthering his knowledge by reading up on the latest technologies and psychological data. His workouts are intense and demanding. Skip doesn't short change you as long as you do not short change yourself. You definitely get what you pay for and more.

My daughters' golf games have improved tremendously since they have been training with Skip. His program has increased their strength, stamina, driving distance and their mental focus on the course. They have learned by participating in a structured golf fitness and mental program which has allowed them to obtain their desired goals; those being physically and mentally fit to be able to perform at their highest level when playing competitive golf, which is the number one objective. I would recommend Skip Redford highly to any parent that is looking to increase their son or daughter's golf performance."

-Dale R. Mar