Skip's proven training technics have helped our elite Golfers increase their club speed, accuracy & overall sustainable power.

Versa Climber

Training Session With Skip

  • We train our golfers to be physically fit to Play 36 holes without losing any power & remaining mentally strong to deal with the pressure of every tournament. 

  • Learn how to control mental self doubt & physically be fit enough to succeed.

  • Course Management & tournament preparation & Practice Rounds are a big part of the winning process to make you an elite golfer. (This Is included with your monthly sessions.)

  • We'll work closely with your golf instructor so everyone on your team is working together to make you an elite golfer. 

  • Learn breathing techniques to help you sink each putt.

  • Train in our privet gym with no distractions. Golf is always the main focus. 

The Winning Process

Skip Redford

Masters Degree in sports psychology from - San Diego State

Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from - The University Of Alabama