Training With Skip Redford

My unique training technics have helped my players increase their club speed & overall game because I train them in the same angles as the golf swing.

  • Increase your club speed

  • Shot Accuracy & consistency

  • Overall power

I train my golfers to be physically fit to Play 36 holes without losing power & mentally able to deal with the pressure. 

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Learning how to control mental self doubt to succeed
  • Course Management & tournament preparation
  • Think like a pro, play like a champion

What you can expect when working with Skip

I have engineered unique workouts that will strengthen your swing, hips, & core. Watch my short video on some of what you can expect when training with Skip.

  • Identifying and correcting weaknesses

  • Understanding how each workout will improve your game

  • Practice and playing with a purpose

Ten Sessions is $1,000 Free evaluation